Do Your Users Hate Your BI Reporting Solution?

Improve the BI Reporting Experience of Your Users

When users express frustration with BI tools, it’s often because they are stuck with one of two types of scenarios: tools that require extensive development and database knowledge, or tools that claim to be “for everyone,” but are still too complex for the average user to work with.

Learn the four most common areas frustrating your users and how fix them

Understand the common areas frustrating your users

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User frustration with complex BI tools is all too common among the users who must work with those tools day in and day out. Decision makers may feel as though they’ve done their due diligence by consulting with the IT department on a BI solution, but leaving out the needs of end users is the first step towards failure.

That’s why we put together this guide—to help you understand the common areas frustrating your users to best serve them. This eBook will reveal just how technical or non-technical the average employees in US-based organizations are, explore four common areas your users find frustrating when it comes to BI reporting tools, and compare common pitfall methods of reporting.

This eBook will walk you through 4 common issues that cause users not to leverage your BI solution, lack of access, complexity, no mobile access, and heavy reliance on MS Excel and provide an idea on how to ease your users' pain.

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Improve the BI Reporting Experience of Your Users

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